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Rampages at VCU.

UMWBlogs at University of Mary Washington

UBC Blogs

Trinity College

CUNY Commons

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Domains and WordPress

OU Create at University of Oklahoma

CI Keys at Channel Islands

Georgetown Domains

UWGB Domains at University of Wisconsin Green Bay

Rutgers Domains

MiddCreate at Middlebury College

MSU Domains at Michigan State University

emerson.build at Emerson College

BYU Domains at Brigham Young University


BYU’s Bold Plan to Give Students Control of Their Data, EdSurge, December 2015

The Web We Need to Give Students, BRIGHT, July 2015

An E-Portfolio With No Limits, Campus Technology, April 2014

It’s Time for Students to Own the Student Record, EdWeek, February 2015

Some Examples of Cool Faculty Projects

Looking for Whitman Record of 2010 NEH-funded project where a course was taught across three different campuses using WordPress. Each class researches a different element of Whitman: classes in Virginia researched his connection to the Civil War, at CUNY they looked into his time in New York, and at Rutgers his relationship with Paterson and other New Jersey locations.

Chinese Film Through GIFS Students analyze Chinese film through the use of stills and animated GIFs, digging deep into the cultural messages encoded by the composition of the frames and dialogue.

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