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Welcome to Wikity! Wikity is a bit different than other wikis and blogs in a number of ways, but the most important thing for you to understand about Wikity is it is a social sharing site, where the materials members upload are free for others to copy, rewrite, remix, and retain in their own spaces.

To accomplish this we license all material posted on Wikity under a CC-BY-SA license, which means anyone can use it as long as they give you credit.  We link to the terms of this agreement on each Wikity site. See CC BY-SA.

For most users of the site, the net benefit is huge. You weren’t charging money for the use of your writing before, and you’re still not. But now you can freely use the work of others to build your own site, and you get the pleasure of seeing others build on the stuff that you have done.


Wikity users can copy this article to their own site for editing, annotation, or safekeeping. If you like this article, please help us out by copying and hosting it.

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