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Suicides are not purely stochastic events — one suicide can (and does) often influence others.  Influence can extend not only to probability but also method of execution.

A recent example has occurred in Palo Alto, where a cluster  has taken the lives of four students in the Palo Alto Suicide School District. All four died by suicide along the Caltrain corridor. A previous cluster of five suicides happened in Palo Alto in 2008-09.[ cite]

Cluster suicides are responsible for between 1 to 5% of all suicide deaths.[ cite] Adolescents are most at risk.

The fact that this happened in Palo Alto twice within ten years makes it a rare incidence of an Echo Cluster.

Goffstown NH in the 1990s provides another example.[ cite]

While most people think of suicides as the result of long reflection, the vast majority of sucides are impulsive. See Most Suicides Are Impulsive

A related issue is suicide contagion, which includes Media Influence on Suicide.

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