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Rampages site where David Croteau teaches his Sociology 101 class. (Link)

Blog posts are 30% of the grade. A unique feature is the Sociological Imagination Gallery, which prompts students to submit artifacts which they use their sociological imagination to analyze.

Here’s an example:

Shot of model's foot

A student submits the above picture along with a link to an article on the visible damage to model’s feet seen on fashion week.

She writes:

Cultural Norms and Commodification of Women’s Bodies

This article covers the occurrence of visible injuries on models’ feet during major Fashion Week runway shows. Models walked in uncomfortable, ill-fitting, impractical shoes for so long and at such a high speed that they sustained injuries. Fashion Week and the fashion world in general has been critiqued for disrespecting women’s bodies and creating unrealistic beauty standards, but visible injury is a new level of using women’s bodies as ways to make money while ignoring their needs. Calling out the actions of large fashion houses, since fashion is such an important part of our culture, and there is so much money invested in the fashion industry, is a form of deviance. However, this deviance is a rational choice – pointing out sexist tendencies that are social norms helps to make steps to reduce inequality that women as an oppressed group feel.

The course also feeds posts from a sociology site into the class so that students can see and reflect on those.

This example is covered in the Connected Learning at VCU Video

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