Rise of Heroin Addiction in U. S. [...]

Deaths from overdose by heroin have more than doubled in America since 2005.

After a decline in the 1990s, heroin has come roaring back. The dishing-out of prescription painkillers earlier this century got millions in the West hooked on opioids; a tightening-up of the rules then sent them looking for substitutes. The heroin dealers were waiting. In America, where this trend is most acute, the number of annual users has almost doubled in the six years to 2013; overdoses have risen faster still (see article). (html)

This graphic only shows whole population statistics (any age, any race, any socio-economic status). A graph separated out for middle aged, lower class whites would be even more pronounced.

There is a hidden drug crisis in America of astounding proportions. See Opioids, Alcohol, Suicide

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