Print Made Moderate Gains in 2015 [...]

Print made moderate gains in 2015.

Rumors of the death of the print book were massively exaggerated, it turns out. According to the L.A. Times, 571 million print books were sold in 2015, 17 million more than in 2014. And ebooks, which had been forecast to hit 50 to 60 percent of book sales, were stuck around 25 percent. (Source)

Now, a 17 million book increase in a 571 million market is not a rebound by any means. It comes out to about a 3% increase which could be as attributable to an improving economy as anything else. But it is not a collapse, and it can be seen as a slowing in the rate of decline.

Ebooks getting stuck at 25% is the most interesting element, as this is starting to be a trend. Here’s what early ebook ramp-up looked like:


It moved 20% in the three years between 2009 and 2012. Assuming we’re looking at comparable data, in the past three years it’s moved only 3%. That’s a massive stall.

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