Post-Truth Internet – Rainy Streets [...]

> > Whatever Mr Trump comes up with next, with or without him in the White House, post-truth politics will be with us for some time to come (Source)

This reminds me of what Dr. David Brin has been calling for some time the Republican-led “War on Science”.

Moreover, it reminds me of what my comrade-in-arms Rafter Sass-Ferguson dubbed “Simple Solutions Populism” in his Doctoral Thesis warning: unless you are deeply into AgroEcology and/or Permaculture, could make for heavy reading.

This sort of populist dynamic could be related to any number of these well-known cognitive biases, and it is NOT limited to the RH side of the bipolar political spectrum (indeed, in context of the global Permaculture movement, you would probably find it more strongly corelated with left-leaning political beliefs, unless i miss my guess).

This is clearly fertile ground for mountains of social research, but it appears to me like a natural consequence of internet publishing accessibility, in much the same way as sloppy graphic design was a natural result of affordable PCs and LaserPrinters (remember all those newsletters in the late 80’s/ early 90’s that looked a cross between ransom-note and kids-b’dayParty invitation? a natural phase that must straddle the defrocking of design priesthood, and the now popular appreciation of graphic design professionalism).

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