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I read Mike Caulfield’s article on the web as a garden (e.g. wikis) and as a stream (e.g. Blogs, Twitter). It resonated strongly with my reading on Zettelkästen (German for ‘index catalogue’). This post places the two concepts together or side by side to see how they fit.

Another possibility is that neither the stream nor the garden won the Web. What won was the index card. Look at many many different sites and what you see is index cards posted on the screen as though it was a cork board. This is what Facebook looks like (if you squint) and also what federated wikis look like. Each index card typically has an image, a key idea and a set of inbound or outbound links, with further actions (e.g. ‘like’ or ‘retweet’).

The Web is already made up of re-usable chunks. It’s just that the infrastructure of the Web doesn’t yet know they’re re-usable. Instead of re-inventing the wheel we can learn from the rich history (mostly in German) of index card based systems for efficiently creating knowledge out of information.

Mike Caulfield’s (Article)


Alan Levine on Federated Wiki as index cards. (Link)

The fedwiki happenings discussed Wiki Wiki Hypercard.

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