Mass Shooting Correlations [...]

Gun ownership in a given state is associated with more mass killings and suicides. From the Christian Science Monitor.

The prevalence of gun ownership in a given state is “significantly associated with state incidence of mass killings with firearms, school shootings, and mass shootings,” according to a study published last July from numbers compiled of mass killings in the US between 2006 to December 2013.

The researchers, primarily from Arizona State University working with FBI homicide data, concluded there is “no significant association” between state incidence of shootings and the prevalence of mental illness in that state, and found no correlation between the strength of firearm legislation and the frequency of shootings. But the researcher did find that firearm regulations that reduce the availability of guns, such as permit and licensing regulations, have a significant deterrent effect on suicide rates. [link l=””]


Study: Firearm Ownership and Violent Crime in the U.S. [link l=”” t=”Full Study, Subscription Only”]
[w l=”Most Suicides Are Impulsive”] and lack of access to means could save lives.

Suicide incidence is regional, but a confound may be male whiteness of population. See [w l=”Suicide Belt”]

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