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Gated openness appears to encourage free interaction of diverse viewpoints but in reality prevents exposure to differences of opinion. (source)

In Heterotopic Communication, Leah A. Lievrouw asserts one of the paradoxes of virtual communication is it presents the appearance of openness while providing hitherto unimagined affordances for homogeneity and selective, motivated interaction.

“Our personal and technological devices allow those of us with the right educational and technical resources to avoid exposure to disagreement, difference, or other information that does not serve our direct purposes or reflect our individual views of the world, yet they also let us convey the appearance of openness, availability and cooperation.” – Our Own Devices: Heterotopic Communication,Discourse, and Culture in the Information Society (1998) (pdf)

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Gated openness can be seen as an example of the Faux-pen.

Source: Gated Openness [ fedwiki]

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