Fixing the WP REST API content_raw Problem [...]

I think I figured out how to fix the problem where the REST API in WordPress is applying filters to my content.

It seems to be on line 1089 of class-wp-rest-posts-controller in plugins/rest-api/lib/endpoints. The apply_filters line there executes it.

class-wp-rest-post-controllers (in endpoints)

I can’t change the authentication without making a whole big mess, but I think if I just set this from the apply_filters version to

‘raw’ => $post->post_content,
/** This filter is documented in wp-includes/post-template.php */
‘rendered’ => $post->post_content,

This will work. I don’t need any server rendering, so for my purposes this is fine.

It does make it hard to distribute this though — every update potentially overwrites this change. Plus asking people to change a line in the core distribution just seems wrong.

But maybe this is a workaround until WordPress makes aversion of content_raw available to unauthenticated users.

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