First Women-Directed Theaters in Paris [...]

By the early 1920s it became common for women to act as directors of theaters in France. Sarah Bernhardt and the comic actor Gabrielle Rejane were two of the first, but others soon followed. The following note is from a Charlotte News article from 1921, titled “Parisian Women in Business Do Well”:

07Rejane_1856-1920PARIS, July 18.—The entrance of women into the field of directing French theatrical enterprises has taken on the aspect of real invasion. Mme. Sarah Bernhardt and the late Mme. Rejane were the first French women to direct their own theatres. Today Mlle. Rolle directs the Dejazen theatre. Mlle. Cora Laparcerie, who formerly directed the Bouffes-Parisians, is now at the Renaissance. Mlle. Constance Maille directs the Marigy and Mme. Rasini the Ba-Ta-Clan, besides supervising numerous revues. Jane Renonardt’s new theatre is nearing completion and Maud Lott is about to assume the directorship of the Imperial.

To date most of the enterprises conducted by women have been quite successful.[link t=”Newspaper Article. Subscription Required” l=]

Under Mme. Ragini the Bata clan produced a play by Jean Cocteau. See Cocteau’s Bataclan Play

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