Cocteau’s Bataclan Play [...]

Jean Cocteau’s play Ox on the Roof (in French, Le bœuf sur le toit) played to appreciative audiences at the Bataclan in 1921, after being roundly mocked a few years earlier.

From NYT 30 October 1921:

Another event of great interest to all who are closely watching the modern manifestation of Paris is included In the new program at the Bataclan vaudeville house. This Is a farcical futurist sketch by the advanced young poet Jean Cocteau, set to distinctly futurist music. It is called “Ox on roof.” The title has nothing whatever to do with the action. It was produced privately a couple of years ago. All the characters wear huge, grotesque masks of a remarkable design. The action, which Is entirely unconnected. takes place at a saloon bar.When it was originally produced many persons thought It was nothing more than a huge joke that Cocteau and friends were playing on Paris. Few who saw it then would have believed it possible that It would be two years later applauded by an everyday bour-geois audience. But that is the case….

The Bataclan was one of the first women-owned theatres in Paris. See First Women-Directed Theaters in Paris


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