Capitalization in Brief [...]

Capitalization is a pain, and varies from publication to publication. I used to stress out over it, but have come to the following compromise:

  • Capitalize the first word in the title.
  • Capitalize verbs and other important words.
  • Lowercase unimportant words, such as articles, conjunctions, and prepositions.
  • But (and here’s the tricky bit) uppercase any word that is five or more letters.
  • In hyphenated words, both words are capitalized


  • Life Among the Wildings
  • Life in the Wild
  • You, Too, Can Win It All
  • Be Careful What You Preach
  • Browser Choice as Proxy
  • Nobel Prize and Artistic Hobbies
  • From Student-Centered to Student Agency
  • The Author Is a Lie

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