Before Posting to NetNews [...]

“Before Posting to NetNews” is the title of Intel guidelines for posting to Usenet newsgroups from their 1995 Netiquette document. Note this advice: you should read a mailing list or Usenet group for one to two months before posting anything. (Link)

3.1.1 General Guidelines for mailing lists and NetNews

 * Read both mailing lists and newsgroups for one to two months before you post anything. This helps you to get an understanding of the culture of the group.

 * Do not blame the system administrator for the behavior of the system users...

This is not bad advice, but it is part of the problem with communities. Because the community knowledge and culture is buried in discourse, entry is time-consuming. God forbid you come into the community and post something someone already posted or use the wrong acronyms.

Compare Twitter, where people feel free to jump into conversations of which they have very little knowledge. See Sea-Lioning

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