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ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) is an adaptive learning platform. It provides material in mathematics, chemistry, introductory statistics, and business. It is also an example of software developed with public, not private, funding.

ALEKS was initially developed at UC Irvine starting in 1994 with support from a large National Science Foundation grant:

A cognitive scientist turned mathematician, Falmagne began working on the mathematical foundation of ALEKS – which stands for Assessment & Learning in Knowledge Spaces – in the early 1980s with Jean-Paul Doignon of the Free University of Brussels. Falmagne initiated content development and software programming in 1994 at UC Irvine with support from a large National Science Foundation grant. (post)

ALEKS Corporation was granted an exclusive, worldwide, perpetual license to the software by UC Irvine’s Office of Technology Alliances. (wikipedia)

In 2012, the partnership brought $500,000 in royalties to UC Irvine. (post)

In 2013, the ALEKS Corporation was acquired by McGraw-Hill Education.

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